Trello Review: Modern Kanban-Style Project Management Software

Basically, you have to ensure projects are moving forward with minimal hiccups, all while keeping a smile on your face. Join over 2,000,000 teams worldwide that are using Trello to get more done. For organizations that need to connect work across teams with more security and controls. No-code automation is built into every Trello board.

trello project planning

Outside her working hours, Lidin enjoys exploring new cities and editing videos. Simply create a check symbol with your Apple pencil to mark a task done. Quickly add work items, tasks, issues, events, or documents with a single button. Get real-time notifications of your activities, like being mentioned in comments and assigned by team members. Aside from changing the deadlines, there’s no way to adjust priority levels to tasks on Basecamp. You also need to rely on a third party to use the Kanban board or Gantt chart.

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For instance, you have a couple of different views of your board, and the timeline is one way of viewing your cards by start and due date. It puts them in the list that they’re in so you can see how your cards are organized by the list. In project management, risk is understood as the possibility that a project or task won’t happen or be completed as planned or within the anticipated timeframe. When you set tasks up your projects and tasks, you can organize them into a Kanban board view like Trello.

trello project planning

According to a 2020 survey, companies that undervalue project management report that 67% more projects fail outright. However, only 22% of organizations use project management software. This template is essentially a running notes tab turned to-do list. Use this board to keep track of tasks you complete daily, such as approvals, meetings with the team, and checking your email inbox. The backlog column acts as a brain dump for all the tasks you want to complete at some stage. You can then move them over from the backlog category into your daily to-do list.

Key Features

This also enables you to automatically provide the most recent version of a file, instead of having to reattach a new version every time it is updated. Overall, this tool is ideal for individuals or companies that need to keep track of projects in a clear, straightforward way. Because there’s a free plan, pricing is not a deterrent. An example of a task within Trello using labels, due dates, members and activity to provide context to team members. It’s a blank canvas that can be customised in a number of ways, from background and colour scheme through to the different columns that make up your project workflow.

trello project planning

Trello users juggling multiple projects need to be able to quickly identify which board relates to your project. When a team member is ready to tackle an assigned task, move the card over to an “In Progress” lane. When a card is approved, move it trello software development to a “Ready to Deliver” lane. Anyone on the team can see the status of a card, anytime and from anywhere. (Plus, they can see the big picture and what lies ahead.) Within each card, conversation and status updates are documented and welcomed.

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You can even use and create Trello templates to help achieve the style you want. Make a card a template when repeating the same deliverable/task information. To get started, select “Make a Template” from the card’s Actions menu. Standard plan and a Premium plan, which cost $100 and $175 per month respectively. Both of these plans have an unlimited number of users.

trello project planning

At times, it could be hard for team members to decipher which tasks are top priority. Luckily, your team won’t have to do any more guesswork with the airfocus Power-Up. The most successful projects involve a variety of decision-making at various points along the roadmap. Trello gives you and your team a clear view into the status, progress, and success of projects.

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Keep your remote team connected and motivated, no matter where they’re located around the world. From hitting revenue goals to managing workflows, small businesses thrive with Trello. Automate tasks and workflows with Butler automation. Dashboards are customizable and will adapt to your organization’s way of working. Placker supports all common graphs like burn-down, completion, throughput, cycle time and progress. Trello needs power-ups to handle any complex project and doesn’t have something as simple as a notepad or custom fields.

  • You can also save up to 45% by paying for plans on an annual basis.
  • It’s not particularly easy to get in touch with Trello’s customer service team as there is no live chat on the website.
  • Contrary to internet belief, you don’t have to work in dev or IT to use Agile project management.
  • Jose is a subject matter expert and member of the writing team for and Bridge24.
  • Cards sit on boards and contain specific tasks and/or ideas.
  • With the airfocus Power-Up you can display the airfocus priority scores on Trello card covers so your team can determine what’s most important at a glance.
  • Trello boards are the basis of the entire platform, as Trello task management operates on a kanban project management system.

Its user interface is very intuitive, and it offers a generous free tier plan, which makes it very accessible for teams at all stages of growth. Trello is a kanban-based collaboration and task management tool that is perfect for all kinds of projects or teams. This includes content teams, marketing projects, customer support tracking, sales pipelines, HR tracking, and even Agile project management.

Smart, Connected Cards

It contains 3 basic Power-Ups , and allows users to attach files up to 10 megabytes in size. Free plan includes 10 users, one project and up to 100 MB of storage. Overall, finding a Trello alternative for your team is simple, as long as you understand the features of Trello that you still need, and which you can set to the side. Let us know in the comments below if there are any other Trello alternatives we should consider adding. If you’re in the market for a Kanban-based tool and are looking to manage a handful of projects, Trello is a decent option. A board is a place to keep track of various types of information.