How to authenticate a supplement?

How to authenticate a supplement?

We know it matters to you. When you pay for a product, you expect to get the best. Talking about consumables, like body-building supplements, it matters all the more because a fake supplement causes more harm than a fake branded shoe.

Through bar code/QR code

One of the most reliable ways to authenticate a supplement is through bar code, most of us are using smartphones now, download any bar code scanning app from google play store and scan the bar code on your supplement, search for the product, it will take you to google search and will show related UPC/bar code and the product assigned to it.

Manufacturing Date:

Another way to authenticate a supplement is to calculate the time from manufacturing till expiry, Optimum nutrition product’s mostly get expired within 2 years, while others stay for 3 years.

Lot Number :

You can also send the lot number/bar code to the manufacturing company and they will verify if your supplement is original or fake.

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